Hot Or Not? Ke$ha Gets Fiercely Patriotic

Ke$ha's coolness is pretty much immeasurable at this point. Like it's beyond science and politics and philosophy and magic how awesome she is. I certainly…
yasi Jan 26, 2013

Who Wore It Better? The Winter White Gown: Taylor Swift VS. Emily Blunt

This may come as a shocker to you, beloved readers, but I don't wear a whole lot of white. Aside from the fact that it…
yasi Jan 12, 2013

Which Celeb Turning 40 This Year Looks Best?

Each new year brings with it new resolutions, new opportunities, and a whole batch of new celebs turning 40, which apparently is a PRETTY big…
yasi Jan 06, 2013

Hot Or Not? Lana Del Rey's Mini Bouffant

Is it just me or did Lana Del Rey come out of nowhere, was suddenly everywhere, and now seems to only pop up here and…
yasi Dec 23, 2012

Which Hair Color Works Best For Lindsay Lohan?

Lindsay Lohan's life has been full of ups and downs, twists and turns, highs and lows, etc. Life and legal troubles aside, her hair has…
yasi Nov 24, 2012

Who Wore It Better? The Black Dress: Kim Kardashian VS. Kourtney Kardashian

Let me tell you a little secret: Khloe is my favorite Kardashian. I know it's not nice to play favorites, but I can't help it…
yasi Nov 11, 2012

Would You Rock: A Matching Polka Dot Crop Top And Skirt?

I like unexpected yet awesome combinations. For example, bacon flavored ice cream or Tom Green and Drew Barrymore. This outfit is much like that: it…
yasi Oct 20, 2012

Jennifer Lawrence Is The New Face of Dior!

Remember last week when I told you Jennifer Lawrence is straight up killing it (in those exact words)? Well in not shocking news, I continue…
yasi Oct 10, 2012

Hot Or Not? Sky Ferreira's High-Waisted Printed Pants

Sometimes I think fashion week exists to show me that there are many items of clothing that while on me would make me look like…
yasi Sep 30, 2012

Would You Rock: This Alexander Wang Outfit?

Soooo high-fashion is a whole thing. The point is for it to be envelope-pushing and forward-thinking and creative, but there are some designers in the…
yasi Sep 09, 2012

Elizabeth Olsen Dons a Pink Wig On The Cover Of Bullett Magazine

She's been famous for a little while now, so it was only a matter of time before Elizabeth Olsen went from wholesome to edgy (it's…
yasi Sep 02, 2012

Hot Or Not? Kirsten Dunst's Belted Blue Dress

Kirsten Dunst is a pretty blonde with a pretty perfect body, so she can pretty much wear whatever she wants all of the time. Which…
yasi Aug 26, 2012