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Music Video We Love: Bleeding Knees Club - Teenage Girls

yasi Oct 07, 2011

Once I got past my initial painful flashback to my own frizz-haired, brace-faced teenage times (yes maybe I had head-gear and yes MAYBE there were some ill-advised dances with Sun-In), I was able to truly appreciate this music video from Australian garage-popsters Bleeding Knees Club for the dreamy-eyed visual love letter it really is. Also, you with the blue cropped 'do: you are what my inner teenager looks like. Stick to that Creative Writing major when you go to NYU and don't let them make you change to Communication because it's "more practical". 

Watch below:

See also:

PREMIERE: Bleeding Knees Club - 'Have Fun'

What do you think of the song?


yasi Sep 27, 2011

<a href="http://www.meez.com/hannabethpower" title="Meez 3D avatars and free games."><img src="http://images.meez.com/user/5/3/4/5/5/3/4/8/53455348_bodyshot_300x400.gif" alt="Meez 3D avatar avatars games"  border="0" /></a>

New BFF? Kristen Stewart and Kate Moss Pal Around at London Fashion Week

yasi Sep 18, 2011

Are K Stew and K Moss new besties? The traditionally media shy Twilight starlet attended the Mulberry show during London Fashion Week and sat front row with supermodel Kate Moss, even posing for pictures and giving a quote about the show to the press:

"Oh man, it was great."

Ok so she's still not exactly chatty, but maybe the soon-to-be <i>Snow White</i> actress will be trading in her hoodies and Chuck Taylors for couture?

What do you think of this new friendship and Kristen's interest in fashion? 

New Lindsey Thornburg Fashion Video: 'Tom Fool Are We'

yasi Sep 14, 2011

Are you into mischevious ethereal fashion clowns dressed in really awesome clothing? Then check out this new video from Lindsey Thornburg in collaboration with photographer Olivia Malone and director Crystal Moselle.

Inspired by the French New Wave as well as old school psycheledic directors, the video is set in a forest and features models Caitlin Hill and Mariana Rothern in beautifully off-kilter make-up frolicking in Thornburg's cosmic clothing. 

Tavi Gevinson Launches Hew New Website Rookie

yasi Sep 05, 2011

Fifteen year old blogigy (that's blogger + prodigy) Tavi Gevinson is insatiable. Unsatisfied with contributing to magazines like Vogue and Harper's Bazaar, siting front row at multiple fashion week shows, and being championed by Lady Gaga as the "future of journalism", last night the intrepid teenage launched her own website, Rookie

Originally meant to be a collaboration with Jane Pratt (of Sassy, Jane, and now xojane.com fame), RookieMag.com is now being captained by Tavi alone, along with a not totally unimpressive cast of contributors, including staffers like Jane Pratt, Lesley Arfin, Elizabeth Spiridakis, and Cindy Gallop, and rumored future contributors Zooey Deschanel, Miranda July, Winnie Holzman, Joss Whedon, Jack Black, Dan Savage and Fred Armisen.

The site will feature three posts a day around a monthly theme (this month's theme is Beginnings), with the posts scheduled around a typical teenager's posting day (after-school, after dinner, and right before bed). Because it's Tavi, it will undoubtedly be filled with earnest musings, disarming honesty, and just a tiny but of snark, and judging by the first few posts (ie "Cartoon Characters and Their Teenage Alter Egos" and "Today I am a Freshman", the staff's musings on their first days oh high school) this site will have more cute than you can shake a stick at.

Will you be reading Rookie?

Jack White is Producing Insane Clown Posse and Mozart, Together (No, But Really)

yasi Aug 31, 2011

I'm not sure if this is the third or fifth sign of the apocaplype but here's what is happening (according to the press release from Third Man records):

Mozart wrote a little-known piece in 1782 called "Leck Mich Im Arsch" which literally translates to "Lick Me In The Arse" (cheeky little bugger, that Wolfgang). Rather than let this hidden gem disappear into the cobwebs of musical history, Jack White has decided to bring this musical masterpiece back with the help of who else but...Insane Clown Posse. Yes, rejoice 'los and 'lettes, the Clown Love is strong in Jack's heart, and he has tapped your boys Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope to add their Faygo-glazed lyricism to Mozart's not yet classic tune.

So...this is happening and I have nothing else to say about it. Please enjoy these images of the inside of my brain instead:





Maluca's New Music Video: Call Girls, Clear Overalls, and Jenny Shimizu

yasi Aug 19, 2011

This is all the wow. Maluca BRINGS it in her new video for the single "Lola (Ginga Danga)" with Holland electro duo The Party Squad. Somewhere between the clear plastic overalls, 90s call girl culture, a Jenny Shimizu cameo, the banging beat, and what I can only assume is a braid-beard, my mind started to spark and then exploded, leaving behind only frosted lipstick debris.

The video was directed by Bijoux Altamirano and styled by Jason Farrer, who is clearly some sort of mad genius (at some point Maluca is dressed to look something like a Thai Busta Rhymes, so that's AWESOME).

Watch the video below and let me know what you think:

Album Equation: Her Space Holiday

yasi Aug 16, 2011

Today is a sad day. Marc Bianchi has released his final album Her Space Holiday album. The longtime purveyor of dreamy tech pop is shutting up shop, and this self-titled album is his last offering to the gods of melodic electronica. This release is brighter than past records, warmer. There is a disarming quality to his bouncing beats, and interwoven with his trademark sound manipulations, they make beautiful and interesting songs. But enough telling, let me show you.

(You can purchase Her Space Holiday S/T HERE)

This is what the album sounds like:

This book.



A chorus of nervous children in sparkly vests.



Whiskey feelings.



A nap.



But only a nap in this particular chaise lounge.


The feeling you get when you look at this picture.



Click here to purchase the album.

Fashion Inspiration: Wintermint

yasi Jul 22, 2011

When Orbit asked me to dress up in an outfit inspired by one of their new gum pack designs, I was a little worried since my closet mainly consists of three colors: black, dark black, and light black. But I was able to find some gems from the back recesses of my closet to match the Wintermint gum pack (pictured below) and it was actually kind of fun to throw on some color (not to mention a sweet futuristic silver mini skirt). Check out the pack and my outfit below:


Top (actually a dress) by YaYa

Skirt and shoes are vintage


Grab a specially marked pack of Orbit® and enter to win Orbit Bucks toward your favorite back-to-school gear! Click here to play and earn free downloads. Click here for the Official Rules



Closet Case Studies: Erin Belle

yasi Jul 13, 2011

Welcome to our new video series, Closet Case Studies. We'll be taking you into the closets of some of the most stylish and interesting musicians, models, actors, and fashionistas out there today. Our first Closet Case Study takes place in Nashville, TN with Ms. Erin Belle...

Erin Belle is a rare bird. This Southern beauty is a model (if you couldn't tell from looking at her) and also dabbles in music (she spent some time as the bassist of the band The Black Belles), fashion design (she and her boyfriend run a super cute clothing line called Night Owl),  and blogging (you can read all her funny and insightful musings right here on her Buzznet profile). Erin is a modern-day pin-up with style to match: her girly dresses and skirts all have a goth twist, and while she wears a lot of black and leopard, her favorite color is certainly pink. Take a tour through her closet below...


More from Erin Belle:

Erin Belle on Buzznet

Erin Belle on Twitter

Erin Belle on Model Mayhem

Night Owl Merch


Click the photo to see more photos from our shoot with Erin!

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